In the past decade, sheep have mostly disappeared from North Queensland and for various reasons the wild dog menace has become a huge problem.

We have been able to resolve the problem by running Maremma guard dogs with our flock. This has enabled our sheep to continue to thrive in a safe environment.

Dunluce is predominantly open Mitchell grass downs with some timbered Boree country along the Flinders River which forms the northern boundary. Immediately to the north of the Flinders are basalt outcrops and plateaus which provide perfect cover for wild dogs.

September 2008 found Dunluce holding their first Predator Control Field Day and now 2009 has had an information day plus research conducted by the Department of Primary Industries (DPI), tracking the activity of the Maremma Guard Dogs by collecting data from their GPS collars.

Please read the great article in July 2009's Australian Farm Journal which gives a good overview of the research being conducted and some of the results found so far.

Three maremma pups have now successfully bonded with some heifers, click here to view the photos.


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This article was first published in Australian Organic Producer Magazine, Winter 2011 edition, by the Biological Farmers of Australia (BFA).

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Australian Farm Journal - July 2009, written by Cindy Benjamin (Australian Farm Journal)
Predator Control Field Day Information - September 2008

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