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When John Stewart-Moore introduced cattle to the property in the 1950's, he began with Brahman and Shorthorn cross cattle. These cattle then went on to become part of the foundation of the Droughtmaster breed.

We pride ourselves on the temperament of our animals and today Telemon continues a long tradition of producing top-quality commercial bulls suited to the dry tropics of Northern Australia.

Telemon Droughtmaster Stud is a foundation stud operated at Dunluce, Hughenden, by Ninian, Ann and Jack Stewart-Moore.

Telemon has maintained strict selection criteria since 1958 for temperament, fertility and structural soundness and the cattle are predominantly polled. The Dunluce commercial herd has been renowned for many years to be a high quality herd.

Over the last 5 years, the focus of the Telemon Stud has seen a reduction in numbers from a larger herd. This has enabled us to finetune the strengths desired to meet the needs of northern cattlemen.

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